Tuesday, March 28, 2006

5. FACES...1

Whenever I see this pix that I took long time back, I always remember how this gentleman prepared himself - combing his beard and hair so neatly - when I requested him to pose for a 'single click' !


A n& said...

One of your best I reckon..

Very nice contrasts.
Wish I could one day take portraits like this ..........

kainaattu said...


Not only the shade and shadow but also the frame!

sam said...

however the appreciation for the frame goes to mr anand, the one with a fabulous photo-blog.

tbr.joseph said...

It looks very much professional Sam.


sam said...

thanks so much, Joseph

but to be frank i thought it was a very defective one since eye balls were completely darkened. they used to say at least something of the eyes/eye should be caught in a portrait.