Saturday, April 15, 2006


One another from my old personal album. When colour photographs were a rarity, it was the transparent photo-colours helped us satisfy our longing for colour photos. We smudged the paints - as you see in this photograph! - and gave a look alike of some colour photos. No fancy, efficient and interesting software tools, just a brush and a pair of shaky hands!


G.Ragavan said...

oh is that u! good pic. where was it taken? I guess it was taken in Madurai.

Kozhundu said...

Hi Sam,

Pretty neat! In the days when there
were no color photographs this would have gotten the attention pretty quickly!

When you have time please write
about how you got started in
photography. Your first camera,
first picture e.t.c. Some people
used to process their pictures @
home. Did you ever do that? I was with my friend in his dark room once. It was pretty cool to see the pictures slowly emerge when the blank paper was dipped in the solution.

I personally think that it is more
difficult to take black and white
pictures. Since color is not a distraction viewers will focus on
contrast and composition!

Kozhundu Sam

sam said...

No, GR. it is not THAT old! it is my younger daughter and photo-taken, printed and coloured - by me.

sam said...

that's a nice idea, sam. but where shall i post it..can it be in this same blog or what?
yes, i did my own processing and printing as long as B&W photography is concerned.

i used to feel videography is so simple and straight - no failure at all;
in colour - the failure rate would be always lesser compared to B&W photography. B&W is always a challenge.