Tuesday, April 04, 2006


இந்தப் படம் எடுத்த ஆண்டு அனேகமாக 1980 ஆக இருக்கலாம்.

My interest in photography was born a litter earlier than my daughter was born. But since serious photography and an SLR camera, at least in those days, had an interdependance, I can very well say that in that respect my daughter becomes the senior since i bought my first SLR -MAMIYA - SEKOR when she was three. My trials and failures in photography stand out more than any achievement. In that growing period of my photographic interest my daughter served as my model - a very understanding and coperative one. Even at that age she knows to pose even for time-lapse, slow-speed shots. This photograph is one such moment.


Then came color photography. She started showing interest to pose only for color photos and that interest too soon vanished and she became a very demanding model and so I then switched over to other things as my models - mostly non-living things. They never demanded anything !


A n& said...

Could you explain about how this shot was taken ?
From the photo it looks like it is an outdoor shot with mid-day sun.

sam said...

It was not a mid-day but evening; light was quite bright; she stood on a verandah and at her back was an un-lit room which became the background.

Babble said...

interesting one. i think B&W pics bring out the expressions better than the colored ones.
sometimes, i experiment desaturating some of the people/lone tree/tree with no leaves pics and like them better. Also, i sometimes selectively leave the colors on (fall color pics, etc).
I'm a beginner in photography and i think blogs are a good way to share pics and critique them. Maybe, i'll start sharing my pics soon. I dont know if i've taken any good pics yet though :)

sam said...

it is always said that -as you mentioned earlier in another post - B & W photos will have 'life' in them and they should 'say' something.

you sound quite interesting. why dont you come out with your photos. i will love to see them.

I'm a beginner in photography" - i dont think that matters. in creativity, either you are 'in' or 'out'. that's all! the years you spend does not matter.

Orani said...

Beautiful shot, and I liked the model and her demands, story too:-)))

Inanimate things won't demand anything... ohh awww, a realization while having a solid family ;-) amazing!

Thanks for sharing... the picture looks like one of the moon phases, the couple of her hair strands off from her right side, wud have given us more look alike of the moon crescent but with a human, nose, lips etc. :-)

Great imagination...


Sivabalan said...

Sam Sir,

Good One.

sam said...

thanke you, sivablan.
why not skip the 'sir'?

sam said...

thank you, sivabalan.
why not skip the 'sir'?

ராமலக்ஷ்மி said...

Brilliant shot sir!!!!

தருமி said...

உங்க பின்னூட்டத்திற்கு முந்திய பின்னூட்டத்தில் உள்ள இரண்டாவது வரி உங்களுக்கும் தான்!

உங்களை வாத்தியாரம்மாவா எடுத்துக்கலாம்னு நினைக்கிறேன்.

ராமலக்ஷ்மி said...

நமக்கு a to z சொல்லித்தர PiT இருக்கிறதே:)!

தருமி said...

techniques எல்லாம் தெரியுது. இந்த output .. அது ஒண்ணுதான் தகராறா இருக்குங்க!!

ராமலக்ஷ்மி said...

எப்போதும் கோணங்கள் ஓரளவு எனக்கு நன்றாக வரும். மற்றபடி சமீபத்தில்தான் DSLR வாங்கி டெக்னிக்ஸ் கற்றபடியே..... இருக்கிறேன். இன்னும் முழுமையாகத் தேறவில்லை. அனைத்தும் சரிவரத் தெரிந்த நீங்கள் கொஞ்சம் ஃபோட்டோஷாப் அல்லது பிகாஸாவில் படங்களை ப்ராஸஸ் செய்யவும் கற்றுக் கொண்டால் விரும்பிய அவுட்புட் கட்டாயமாகக் கிடைக்கும். அதற்கும் பிட் தளத்தின் பாடங்கள் உதவுகின்றன. முயன்று பாருங்கள்.