Saturday, August 19, 2006


After that initial victory my enthusiasm knew no bounds. A camera hanging always around my neck became a very usual sight. In college a group of students were around me always to talk and to experiment with me in photography. The college darkroom which was in my custody was a boon to all of us. Time of the day was irrelevant to us. The one who got associated with me for photography and then made it into a life long relationship was Ravi. He too got into this swirl and is still going strong in that. During this period anything and everything became subjects for our photography. We had climbed the top of Meenakshi Temple, heights of Alagar Hills, stood on the sun for hours to take photos of sun on a full eclpise. But above all, always the roadsides, the lower bridge of river Vaigai, and also our college campus had great attraction for me.

Some of the street side shots during that period:


Orani said...

sam, the pieces you have shared with us look like an antique. The black and white picture has a power to tell the depth of life for some reason, I like them.

The first picture caught my attention the most. I was just sitting here and eyes transfixed. Good ones.

Orani said...

sam, I remember leaving a feedback for that post, somehow we got it lost.

I didnt know what i have thought when saw it for the first time. Though, I like the first one is the most, since, it carries a lot of story.

Hmmm... i think i said in my earlier post that, black and white pictures bring the life back to life with lots of depth in it than to the color pictures.

sam said...

thank you prabha.
by qulaitywise also the ther two are not that good, i know.
you said right - B & W are always more mind-catiching.

பொன்ஸ்~~Poorna said...

படங்கள் அருமை.. தமிழிலும் எழுதக் கூடாதா?!! :(

sam said...

தமிழிலும் எழுதக் கூடாதா?!! //

what an insult, pons?!! அப்போ அங்க நான் எழுதறதெல்லாம் என்ன'ங்றீங்க?