Monday, August 28, 2006


During these days ‘expeditions’ to ‘shoot’ were quite often. The right mood and some amount of petrol in my Jawa would take us around to places. But visiting Meenakshi Temple and especially the visit to the top of the South Gopuram was quite unforgettable. At the top of the Gopuram there were openings for people to climb out and be on the very top of it. At that spot, what you have to hold are only the “kalasams”. I came out only to my hip level and the height, force of the wind at that height and the view of the whole Madurai at the foot – it all made me tremble and I safely kept myself within that opening while Ravi got on top of the tower and stood in between the kalasams! I barely stayed to just click few snaps and started my way down ! Of those two came out acceptably okay which I am posting here with one another shot of the Gopuram from the South-East corner of the பொற்றாமரைக் குளம் - the usual spot for photographers to take the full shot of the magnificent South Gopuram with Thirumalai Naicker in one of the pillars forming the foreground.

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Orani said...

sam, as photography claims excessive of ones ethusiasm and fire. It seems like you have gotten it just that, the way you put yourself, how a wildlife photographer put himself up in a risky spot.

At the meenakshi temple, are they still alowing people to climb up the "potramarai point?" Just curious!!

Nice shots, considering the windy situation and the height you have experienced etc., I have some nice shots taken in our North India tour to those Moguls' historic sites. I will try to put them up in my Star week along with my experience...