Wednesday, August 23, 2006


The photographic spree was in its feverish pitch. Camera was always ‘pregnant’ - I mean, loaded with film. Buying 100 feet of film rolls in cans and spooling them in the darkroom was itself a great excitement. Any time the camera was handy; any object was catchy; any place was alright. Whenever I found anything worth taking my bike would stop there and I would not have any inhibition or whatsoever. I would start clicking. The roadside scenes were so many and one such shot is this:

Marriages of friends were inevitably another occasion when I would be busy with my camera. Mostly it was for fun and friendship and not for money since I never had an idea to turn a pro. Turning into pro would have made a lot of good for me financially but I would not have enjoyed photography.

I remember once being busy in a friend’s marriage, who is now a high level policeman. After a hectic time of photography, finished the lunch and came out of the marriage hall. There was a very old lady, haggard and pitifully sitting outside the hall, waiting for the leftovers of the marriage-lunch. I took a snap of that old lady. Though I don’t have the negatives or positives of that marriage, I valued this negative and still keep it safe. A withering leaf in the stream of life…here she is:


delphine said...

A withering leaf in the stream of life…here she is: !!!////
Thank you Sir. These words touched me..

Orani said...

//Camera was always ‘pregnant’ - I mean, loaded with film.//

:-)) what a poetic way of narrating a loading film role into a dubba ;-), I used to say, when I put money in the wallet (right out of bank), like this - I am loading my gun :-))

That old lady's picture is in my mind now... thanks for sharing, sam.

டாக்டர் எனக்கு முன்னாடியே முந்திகிட்டங்களே... :-)

sam said...

thank you, doc.
actually i had one another photo - a montage of this lady overlapped with an அரச இலை with just the veins and titled it as "the withered and the withering..." which was appreciated both for the content and the title. i have lost that print.

sam said...

டாக்டர் எனக்கு முன்னாடியே முந்திகிட்டங்களே...//
that's the "spirit", oorani! keep it up :)